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4 Disciplines Of Execution

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Here’s A Brief Summary Of 4DXDiscipline 1 – The Discipline Of Focus. Extraordinary Results Can Only Be Achieved When You [...]

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Here’s A Brief Summary Of 4DX

Discipline 1 – The Discipline Of Focus. Extraordinary Results Can Only Be Achieved When You Are Clear About What Matters Most. As Simple As This Principle May Sound, Few Leaders Ever Master It. 4DX Teaches Why Focus Is So Critical And How To Overcome Your Biggest Source Of Resistance. Discipline 2 – The Discipline Of Leverage. With Unlimited Time And Resources, You Could Accomplish Anything. Unfortunately, Your Challenge Is Usually The Opposite: Accomplish More With Less. 4DX Shows Leaders Where They Can Find Real Leverage And How To Use It To Produce Extraordinary Results. Discipline 3 – The Discipline Of Engagement. You Have The Authority To Make Things Happen, But You Want More Than That – You Want The Performance That Only Passion And Engagement Can Produce. 4DX Enables Leaders To Rise From Authority-driven Compliance To Passion-driven Commitment In Themselves And The People They Lead. Discipline 4 - The Discipline Of Accountability. No Matter How Brilliant Your Plan Or How Important Your Goal, Nothing Will Happen Until You Follow Through With Consistent Action. 4DX Brings The Practices That Drive Accountability And Follow Through, Despite A Whirlwind Of Competing Priorities. Ultimately, Discipline 4 Is The Most Crucial, Since It’s The Discipline Where The Actual “game” Is Played. But Remember, Discipline 4 Can Only Happen Because Disciplines 1 Through 3 Set Up A Winnable Game. So Many Entrepreneurs Focus On The Idea But Don’t End Up Executing. Why Do You Think This Happens?